Friday, October 19, 2012

How is the element of Art and Principles of design related?

Elements of art and principles of design are two different things, but are interconnected.  An aspiring artist must be able to feel the elements and conclusively understand the principles behind the art.

Feeling the elements in art; is similar to knowing the foods that is best for your health. Some are good, some are not. You are given the choice to take-in what is beneficial or harmful. What keeps you physically trimmed or fat.  Art follows basically the same observation: will adding lines improve the composition; or if the shapes are condescending. What direction is followed; or is texture complimentary. There must be a merry mix of all the elements to make a composition art. It is only when the elements are fine tuned and synchronized can value be achieved.  A critical eye can easily see into the innards of the design.

Understanding the principles behind the design; is like applying the elements of art on the canvas. How to go about it for instance is not easy as it seems.  Artists follow ground rules (principles) to create a work of art.  How to arrive at the emotion shattering focal point in a design determines the knowledge and experience of the artists.  The edge that the artist had will now show there is balance in the design; gradation is subtle to cushion transition; contrast is subdued and not overwhelming. However one element the focal point must be dominant to achieve harmony in the design.

Relationship of the elements and principles; carries a delicate balance to create a stunning piece. The amount of sugar and cream in your coffee decides the taste.  This is true to design or art. In designing structures for example, Architects apply methodically the principles of design to meet the criterion of a sound structure.  Meaning all the elements in art have been dutifully worked-on, so aesthetics and function is satisfied. How is the element in art and principles of design related, is thought immersing.  One must realize the depth the element in ingrained into the principles. Elements and principles together create the work of art.

Elements and principles are the building blocks in design. Like any discipline, the building blocks must be learned faithfully. Dedication is the primary mover behind, since it takes not only a critical eye but training and experience as well.  Da Vinci or Wright for instance has only achieved immortality late in life. It took them almost all their life to reach the status of guru in Art and Architecture.  They were able to conquer and made the building blocks of the discipline their strength and stamina to continue exploring new horizons.

Next time, you look at a piece of art remember the element and principles of design ingrained into the piece. 

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