Friday, October 12, 2012

Emphasis in Design: Dovetails the drama in a composition

A work of art is a rendition of elements in motion. It trains attention to heighten the excitement and strongly grasp the drama the designer wants the viewer to experience.

The tale in every composition: Any composition starts with an idea or an intent.  The designer simply desires the viewer to appreciate and comprehend the idea laid down on the canvas.  Different design elements are carefully arranged to compliment and never contradict each other.  Somehow elements are devised to come out alive and in motion.  When the rendition is handled masterfully, there is fulfillment in the effort. The motion achieved in the composition leads the eye to the crescendo, the focus or point of emphasis.

Emphasis in design gives compositions the rush:  A work of art that appeals to everybody is not as easy to do as one may imagine.  It takes eons for a designer to achieve the status. Nobody becomes a Da Vinci or a Michaelangelo outright. However, if one starts on the right track, emphasis in design can be learned conclusively. Achieving the focal point is the glory in any composition. Hereunder are some design ideas and principles to consider:
•    Rely on contrast: Numerous elements laid side by side creates the perception of motion. But some form of contrast must be introduced to create contrast. Since repetitive elements looks monotonous even to the untrained eye. When all the elements are horizontal in direction, one vertical piece can provide the contrast and the focal point.  A large plane of color is uninteresting, but a small contrasting color can heighten the drama of the colors.
•    Isolation can also do the trick:  Grouping of elements provides the interest to achieve focus. A group of lilies is a sight to behold. But when a canvas is full of the lily element it loses viewers interest. To achieve focus, retain just one and interest will be restored.
•    Strategic location of the main element: Elements appearing on the center of the canvas is never a good idea. The center is a dead spot and must be avoided. Main elements are usually found on the upper or lower one third. It is either a third on the left or right side of the canvas.
 A poignant scene on a canvas is never complete without a scintillating focal point.  The whole idea of a composition loses its main purpose, if the viewer could not appreciate the meaning or message it wants to impart.

Remember, that emphasis in design is the single element needed in a composition to achieve stunning visual imagery.  Focus must prevail, since it dovetails the drama in a composition. 

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