Thursday, October 4, 2012

Color in design evokes subjective responses

What appeals to one may entirely be different to the other.  The use of color in design does not follow a predetermined curve. All colors perceived are hues reflective of the color wheel. 

The color wheel is the source of it all. Anything each one of us perceives comes from the color wheel.  The leaves, the sun, our body tone and even the pavement have colors associated with the color wheel.  Basically all is sourced from the combination involving primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Think of any color: purple and lavender is a mixture of red and blue; green is yellow and blue; orange comes from red and yellow. Purple, green and orange are classified as secondary colors. While the combination of any secondary and primary colors deliver the tertiary color tones.  Cool and warm colors are just representations of the red/yellow spectrum.

Warm colors deals primarily with energy, passion and positive disposition. As has been observed any color developed with red and orange are warm tones.  Such colors depict energy, passion and positive disposition. Sun and sunshine is a projection of warmth. Likewise passion is fire and heat intertwined. Anger is a personification of suppressed energy. While a mother child relationship expresses warmth’s ultimate dimension. Countries and places that bathe in sunshine all year round fully experience warmth, including the citizens that sport conclusive positive dispositions.
Cool colors are for comfort, relaxation and calm.  This is evident across the red/yellow spectrum. It is all about subdued surroundings and represents the color of the night, of nature, of water, snow: Deals with everything that pertains to delivering calming and relaxing energy. While red is the primary catalyst for warmth, blue is for cool colors. To get into the cool color spectrum, means blue must be an integral part. Individuals living in cool and subdued color environments often exhibit reserved demeanor.

Personal and cultural influence: Personal color perception is innate in all of us. It seems one is born with a pre-conceived preference. Where one lives influences or develops the cultural perception of color.  Countries in Latin America, together with Spain, Portugal exudes the aura of warmth. This is depicted in the way they dress, in their Architecture, the food and even music. They grew with it and export the preference anywhere they settle.  Similar to people from cool surroundings that brought with them the cultural influence of color they grew up with. 

Remember, that color design elements and principles are subjective. Anyone has its own perception of color, which could be dictated by personal or even cultural influences.

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