Friday, February 15, 2013

Design is all about patterns

All designs are made with patterns, whether on structures and gadgets that has mesmerized people to no end. Everywhere you look, patterns emerge. Even our lives are guided by patterns.

Pattern is at the core of our existence. Just think of anything and pattern is surely distinguishable. Your finger print is an incredible pattern unique only to an individual. Archaeologists assess the past through the layers or patterns of the earth’s crust.  In fact through the patterns they can speculate on what stands in the future. Statistics that people surely rely on is a huge record of patterns. Weather disturbances, cyclones, typhoons, earthquake, even the tides of the sea create patterns that warn us of impending disasters. It is actually a blue print that gauges the future.

The ability to distinguish pattern is a basic human skill. Humans are blessed with the capacity to experience and appreciate patterns. Just about anything, the pattern of the cloud suggests rain is imminent or a good day. Interpreting patterns is never taught but comes natural with humans. We can gauge whether a pattern is unique, intriguing or just about ordinary.  That is why we can perceive visually if a design is truly extraordinary, although the degree of awareness is not generic to all. Some have very keen senses and appreciative of the value of a design. While others may see a similar design as drab and uninteresting.
Nature is the encyclopedia of patterns. Our perception of pattern developed through the natural phenomenon around us. Even if most of us are not as meticulous as designers, natural patterns are our source of inspiration. We can see a pattern of leaves, the rugged contusions of the bark, or perhaps heaps of sand left after a tide. Without our knowing, the natural patterns are uploaded into our senses and become storage of direct information. These are raw information that needs to be tamed through the discipline of the design ideas and principles. Any design that meets the natural aspect of things becomes entertaining.

Patterns detail the messages explicitly in a design. A masterpiece is the culmination of years in the use of patterns. To arrive at the stunning vista, designers must apply the patterns principles of design. As patterns are synchronously applied, it gives viewers the capacity to appreciate the design. Patterns in a design never vie for importance, but stay as background to raise viewer’s awareness on the most revealing focal point. Though equally important, patterns only serve as background in a design. Thus, allowing the design to clearly translate the message to the viewers.

Remember, a design is all about patterns synchronously rendered to tickle the viewer’s imagination.

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