Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Using Corner Connectors to Extend the Workspace

Segmental transformation is how home and office furniture has developed.  Workers can now custom arrange work spaces by using pieces designed to connect to each other. Corner connectors are added to the main work desk to transform and suit worker preference.

This has been a long awaited development for home and office furniture. It is in response to the demands of the ever increasing daily workload. Personnel can no longer contend with the current set up as they process not dozens but hundreds of documents daily. The work area therefore needs to be extended so that personnel can move from one space to the next conveniently. Numerous storage cabinets must be installed for the upkeep of a growing load of files. Mobility is provided by specific office chairs with casters, which allow personnel to just coast along.

Modifying the workstation to suit personnel requirements is made possible by attaching furniture pieces and accessories to the main work desk. There are actually hundred of ways to do this. Several collections of desks, hutches and accessories can transform a workstation to increase workflow efficiency. Adding corner connectors on both ends of a worktable for instance results in a double L, which triplicates effective workspace and also increases file storage capacity.

All of these office product extras are designed to blend with the existing furniture. Most pieces have 1” thick Melamine work surfaces that are scratch and stain resistant. The edges are built with banding stands to reduce dents during installation. Hutches add overhead storage files. File drawers are provided with ball-bearing slides for convenience in storing and drawing-out files.   

All that is needed is imagination and corner connectors to make the workstation aesthetically pleasing, workflow efficient and productive.

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